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Discover RAY

Our offer.

By means of a formal methodology, we train organizations to face an ever-changing future, inspiring participants, challenging knowledge and creating a unique value proposal. At the same time, it increases the impact of other tools like agile, design thinking, lean startup, and traditional strategic planning.

Workshops and seminars

We run training sessions in-company, in-person and/or digital, to develop new skills for strategic planning, trend analysis, signal identification, find courses of action and manage projects in highly volatile contexts.

Strategic consulting

We work with the teams to bring about transformation from a strategic and tactical standpoint in the development of new businesses, skill and ability planning with collaborators, exploring opportunities and running projects in the VUCA worlds.

Report on future scenarios

We produce strategic analysis reports with possible scenarios that shape trends, countertrends, impact opportunities and threats, for an industry, company or sector of interest.

Impact areas.

Top management

Repositioning in the industry, new businesses and forecasts for partners and investors, competition and ecosystem identification.

Human growth

Reskilling, business alignment, new work models, man-machine balance. 


Product launch, client journey, future clients and communication.


Redefinition of processes, technological forecasting, infrastructure, phygital worlds.